A partially open designer handbag reveals quite a few ATM and credit cards; the prizes from her secret life.“For me, it’s about a certain lifestyle,” she said. “I want more in life in as short a time as possible through whichever means necessary.”

It does not bother her that her choices might be frowned upon.“Some people think of me as a prostitute, but as long as those close to me don’t know this, I don’t mind,” she said.While in her third year at a local university, she once deferred her studies for a semester to answer a growing demand for her services.

“I got introduced to a certain man at a party. He was a researcher and in the country for a couple of months. He wanted female company, and I offered myself and my services for the right price,” she said.It wasn’t hard to dupe her parents.“I told them we were having examinations, and I’d be extremely busy with studies and research,” she said.

In two months she went to Zanzibar, Seychelles, Lamu, Malindi and eventually back to Nairobi. In return she offered exclusive company.She says her total wage bill wasn’t as big as she hoped, but she managed to rent and stock a clothing stall in Nairobi’s central business district.

Letting and stocking one of these stalls can cost upwards of Sh500,000, bearing in mind that the goodwill amount paid to the stall owner ranges between Sh300,000 and Sh500,000.“The rest was put in bank accounts,” she said On average she charges a client Sh12,000 for a night during which anything goes.

“When you pay that amount, you own me. There are no questions asked,” she said. But all payments are made in advance, a minimum of two hours before the rendez-vous, through mobile money transfers.“This way, I get to know your full identity and know you are serious. In this business, good will is paramount. Plus, it is also a form of insurance just in case someone tries something stupid,” she said.

In the seven years she has been in the business, not all memories are fond.A year ago, she accompanied a businessman for a weekend to a coastal resort. After all the plans had been made, the two met in town and made for the airport to catch a mid-morning flight, unaware that the man’s wife had got wind of the scheme.


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