You will never hire a house help again after watching this video; see what this house help did to a toddler

Cases of house helps mistreating the kids to their employers have been on the rise recently with many shocking videos surfacing the social media.

A video of a house help ruthlessly beating a toddler has gone viral on social media. The 7 minute video shows the young lady in the sitting room landing heavy slaps on the boy identified as Ethan while hitting his head severally.

The girl then vanishes to another room to get food for the child and in the process throws a slipper which lands on the toddler’s face.

She then settles down to feed the little boy continuing to hit the child every time he eats reluctantly.

It is alleged that the parents of the child had suspected that he was undergoing mistreatment, hence, requested the neighbor’s house help to record what happens when they were not at home.

Though the said house help seems visibly aware of the camera recording the events, she continues to assault the little boy severally.

Watch the video below

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