You will laugh after knowing where the common term "TEAM MAFISI" originated from

I believe every Kenyan now understands the meaning of team mafisi. If you don’t then ask a friend. It is a term used by the young generation to define men who chase after every lady regardless of their age.

The term has taken over Nairobi streets and it is well received by Nairobi men. It has become too serious that these men have formed a sacco called team Mafisi Sacco.Well, we tried go down and do some little research of the origin of this term .Hehe this is funny. It originated from Kisii Nyanza.

 Long ago the forefathers used to greet each other as "nakiere nyang'au?"..." mbuyande nyang'au ominto" Translated as " Sema fisi?" " Nko poa fisi mwenzangu?" Unfortunately the Nyang'aus (Mafisi) have settled everywhere countrywide and shared their traditional customs of Nyang'au with every tribe, age n sexes

Here are one the hilarious video of mafisi sacco that you need to watch..

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