Woman calls America’s First Lady a gorilla on social media faces a jail term charges for hate speech....See what happened to her (Photos)

Only the daring chaps are crazy enough to mess with the most powerful woman in the whole world. Suicidal.

News going round nowadays concerning the white Americans and people with color is frightening.

Racism is slowly growing back in the United States of America especially after Presidential candidate Donald Trump made it public that he is not a fan of black people whether nationals or immigrants on US soil.

Now, a teacher from a local school in the US has shocked the world after posting on her social media account calling US First Lady Michelle Obama a Gorilla.

The lady went on and on insulting and lecturing the First Lady on her poor choices and governorship for the years she has been in power while her husband is reigning.

Jane Allen who was a teacher at Chestatee Elementary in Gainesville, Atlanta, Georgia was immediately fired ad now faces a jail term or charges for hate speech and incitement against people from different races.

She went ahead and sarcastically pointed out that she admires a Gorilla more than the Firs Lady. See the post that has gone viral.

And this is Jane Allen:

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