The Untold Story Of George Saitoti, Why He Was Assassinated and The Person Who Wanted Him Dead

As he recovered, the Commissioner of Mines and Geology wrote to Arum saying an inter- ministerial decision was being awaited. In the Budget Speech of June 7, 1990, Prof Saitoti announced that the export compensation scheme “be expanded and supplemented with an import duty exemption scheme”.

Whether or not he was forced into this policy is not known and he kept it to himself. In the following month, he received the Head of the Special Branch, James Kanyotu, and businessman Kamlesh Pattni in his office.

They had incorporated a new company, Goldenberg International Limited, and wanted to be granted 35 per cent export compensation.

They also made sure that he knew that they had been to State House to lobby for the same, according to the report of inquiry into the saga. When Prof Saitoti got a letter from his PS, Mr Phillip Mbindyo, seeking his approval, he wrote:

“Noted” and returned it. While Goldenberg became Kenya’s monumental scandal with billions of shillings lost, Prof Saitoti managed to have his name expunged through the courts. Again, it was through some of these networks that he made his wealth, become one of the richest men in the Moi cabinet. That way, he was a trapped man, unable to salvage his name as one of the architects of the Goldenberg scandal.

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