The Untold Story Of George Saitoti, Why He Was Assassinated and The Person Who Wanted Him Dead

without informing anyone, he slipped out of his room and checked into another hotel. He gave the key to his bodyguard, Inspector Joshua Tonkei.

Those who knew the professor say that he became very cautious after the attempt on his life and that he refused to stay at the Nairobi Hospital, where he was admitted.

“He was taken home in an ambulance and a room in his house was turned into a ward,” a source says. “It is only when he required blood transfusion to clear the poison from his system that he would be taken back.”

Prof Saitoti’s illness was never reported in the mainstream media and neither was his hospitalization — although it was common knowledge. Those who saw him say his skin was literally peeling off.

But when he returned after a few months, Prof Saitoti denied rumours that he had been poisoned. He would later say that he did not know those who killed Dr Ouko because he “was unconscious when Ouko was being killed”.

The Grand Regency Hotel was built by the family of the late Mohamed Aslam, who controlled Pan African Bank.

Aslam was involved in the Goldenberg scandal and after his death, his family sold the Grand Regency to Mr Kamlesh Pattni’s company, the Uhuru Highway Development Ltd.

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