Shocking revelation: Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan’s husband reveals this shocking truth about his wife

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lulu Hassan is a decorated screen siren who has a great command in Swahili with incredible fluency in the National language.

Lulu Hassan is married to former QTV news anchor currently a news presenter at NTV, NMG’s biggest TV station.

Well, the two love birds frequently show their affection in public regardless of the fact that they both work in two different and highly competitive TV stations.

However, what people do not know about the couple is that they lived together before they got married in 2007 and the shocking part is that they never got intimate until marriage.
Speaking to a source, Rashid revealed that he never had an idea that his wife was as innocent as a child and that she had hold her dignity until their wedding night.

“Oh no, I knew my wife in that sense only after marriage. I still have the white cloth that is proof of her virginity on our wedding night. I had to protect her honor. That cloth reminds me that she is a woman of virtue. People would see her out there-beautiful, a social butterfly. She is an actress too, and lies and rumors abounded. This was proof to me, Not that I was with her for her virginity, I had fallen in love with her essence” 

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