One of my lowest points was when I was diagnosed with fibroids. I cried out to God and asked Him very many questions. I remember a nurse attempting to do a Pap smear test but I involuntarily shut down and she was not able to get through.

After a while she gave up and asked me if I was a virgin. She had assumed that at my age, 33, I must be already sexually active. Medical staff tried to convince me to find a boyfriend and get pregnant quickly. Some of my friends were concerned about my status too, believing that remaining a virgin was not good for me. They said that I needed a child.

Then I met Dr. Anthony Wassuna who not only prayed for me but encouraged me. He shared that his own wife had been found to have even bigger fibroids, but had opted to trust God and wait until marriage to have sex. They are now blessed with three beautiful children.

I decided that I would wait too, and if I sensed that marriage would not come, I would adopt a child. I remembered that I had decided to remain sexually pure in honor of God and my body, which is His temple. Even if I got to the age of 50 and was still unmarried, it would still be worth it. Besides, what guarantee did I have that having sex would even lead to conception? None.

I am not the only virgin I know. Most of my friends, both male and female, live by the same ideals. About two in ten have fallen off the wagon, but we don’t judge them. We don’t think we are better just because we have remained virgins. God has kept us.

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