“Larry Ukioga Na Maji Naeza Pika Nayo Ugali! Ata Kama Uko Na Mwingine Madowo Si Ata Unipende Na Kidney.” See The Meru Babe Flaunting Her Ripe Nyonyos To Get Larry’s Attention (Photos)

Larry Madowo is driving a Meru babe crazy. And she’s prepared to do ANYTHING just to get a piece of the handsome NTV anchor.

Mary Nkatha is openly salivating after Larry Madowo. The girl has intense demonic-like infatuation for the unmarried Madowo.

She decided to open up her heart and made her feelings known to the public. She has no regrets as her objective is to make sure her crush knows she’s out there somewhere with her arms wide open waiting for him to embrace her with at least a hug or at least a peck.

“Huyu jamaa nimemukufia for many years now he is my crush!! ata akiniita kwake 3am nitaenda mguu wallahi.Larry ukioga na maji naeza pika nayo ugali! Ata kama uko na mwingine kwa roho yako madowo si ata unipende na kidney????‪#‎larrymadowodrivemecrayz.” Mary wrote on Facebook.

The lass’ ripe nyonyos made hyenas on Facebook drool wishing they were in Larry Madowo’s position. Mary is waiting for your response Larry, please do something for the team!!!

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