Gospel artist Willy Paul has been copying Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz style from his music, his fashion style and his character.

People used to think that Willy was just undergoing a teenage-behavior but it looks like he would very much wish to be Diamond Platnumz than anybody else.

His music has been questioned for a while now as Kenyans think that he should quit gospel music and do secular music.

Now, apart from copying Diamond Platnumz’s type of music, Willy Paul has shocked everyone after doing this. He has received his fair share of media scrutiny and social media attack.

See photo here:

See the reaction of social media users:

cafriainc: @willypaulmsafi your just a copycat of @diamondplatnumz who am a big fan of..

t.misiani: @willypaulmsafi Ku copy swagg za diamond bro …be Creative……acha kujiangusha 😂😂😂😂..

mcchris_made_it: u claim gospel yet you look upto diamondplutnumz,from jina to now copying a whole look! smh

shanteylucas: I almost thought this is @diamondplatnumz kumbe ni willy pozee opps my baad!

ibrahim_mwashighadi: Hii ndo kuharibu injili sasa….do u know the meaning of WASAFI Mr willy? Now u going wrong

lynnipascal: I guess you are copying @diamondplatnumz so much willy….be yourself young man and you will go far

carolkingori_jasmine: A pc of advice bro,don’t try to be someone else be ua self…you’re a gospel artist not a comedian… You should represent God but not trying to be like Diamond.

challe_defred: @willypaulmsafi you are one talented young man but u losing urself with this delusion of grandeur #stop coping everything diamond is doing… Criticism is good and when someone corrects u appreciate don’t get mad and arrogant.. Its high time u v a mentor

catherinemacharia: Step aside…. Look at that picture again… What does it say? #youlackoriginality get inspired but never copy paste like a campus kid. This is why our music industry is dead AF

shariffa_33: Please live him alone Diamond ni role model wake I don’t see any thing wrong with the way he dresses uko dope ma feelings pelekeni police station

ruthogutu: Woow looking good.Fanya is one of my favourite That dressing tho ,,,,–‘Diamond’

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