Citizen TV’s news anchor shows off her Mat1t1 and “Kapedo” to public..see photos

Terryanne Chebet must have been wild in her day. A recent photo that was seen by shows a tattoo on her left boob. It can be seen clearly, jutting from her chocolate skin, as if begging to see the light.

While tattoos are forms of expression, a boob tattoo tells a different story. It talks a language called rebellion or a different form of expression. A wild one.

Before she made it to the silver screens, Chebet was just an ordinary village girl who thought  that Pizza, Moet and burgers were lofty words known only by Americans.

After her big break on CBNC , KBC and now Citizen TV, it’s understandable why Terryanne now walks with that pep in her step. She is one of the richest Kenyan TV girls and social media cowers at her voice.

Enough of the yadder yadder, let’s get right into this boob tattoo business.

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