Chris Brown attacks another woman, smashes her phone

Okey, just what is wrong with Chris Brown and Kenyan ladies and their phones? He just smashed another woman's phone!

After landing in Mombasa and smashing a female fan's phone for apparently attempting to take a selfie with him, America Popstar Chris Brown has done a similar thing to a hapless woman

The incident just happened at the very luxurious and executive English Point Marina in Mombasa, the Nation reports.

An eyewitness who has remained unnamed said the R&B star walked into the hotel lobby and found a receptionist speaking on her mobile phone.

He grabbed the phone from the hapless lady and threw it away for no apparent reason.

"The receptionist was speaking on phone after she experienced some problems communicating on a fixed line. Brown walked to her and grabbed the phone and checked whether  it was on camera mode. Despite the woman not taking photos, Brown tossed off the phone as he walked away and it fell down with the parts breaking," the witness is quoted by the Nation.

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