Badly exposed: Here are the Government officials who were arrested after having S£X with school girls in Kisii (photos)

Earlier this week police from Kisii and Sotik had cases of officials sexually abusing minors in exchange of money.

Two ODM members were caught in Kisii with a group of young school girls having lungula. The girls were sent home for school fees but instead the s£x hungry MCAs decided to make use of the girls situation after luring them with money.

The police made a arrest after receiving  tips from concerned from residents who were disgusted by the act of the politicians.

The girls were spotted changing their civilian clothes to school uniforms and immediately the police were informed.

This happened on the same day police in Sotik were making arrest on one Alfayo Mohamed who shared a post on social media that he slept with a standard 4 pupil and was bragging on that all over social media.

Meanwhile in Kisii the MCAs are in police custody waiting for their case in court.
see the MCAs

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