“Aki naumia sana, si unipee nitaingiza kichwa tu” 5 Hilarious Mistakes Team Mafisi Do When she finally accepts to visit

4. The couch is uncomfortable can we move to the bed

Fisi will do anything to get the lady to move from the couch to the bed. What you do and what you say determines whether you will be soaking your ‘little man’ in ‘wetland’.

Ninjas will come up with all sort of hilarious excuses to get the lady to the bed. You have only started the kissing and cuddling phase for a few seconds and you are already pleading with her to move to the bed.

She tells you to wait a minute so that the foreplay could fire her up and make her beg for a drill and you are there telling her how the couch is so uncomfortable. You won’t be getting it!

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