Sponsor involved in a nasty accident with side chick on his way to work after cheating on his wife

A married man, driving the top-of-the-range vehicle was recently involved in a nasty accident along Thika road in the company of his side chick.It was narrated how the man has developed a tendency of dropping and picking his wife at work and appeared to be the model husband .On this particular day, he had just dropped his wife at work and told her that he was rushing to his office in Westlands and would pick her up later in the day.

At around 2pm the same day, the wife was called from work and told that her husband, Nduati had been involved in a nasty road accident with an unknown female passenger.She was worried since she had not expected her husband to be along Thika road at that particular moment.She rushed to the hospital in a flurry of skirts and anxiety and found out that, indeed, her husband was in the hospital’s High Dependency Unit in a bad state.

His female companion was shaken but awake The woman insisted on talking to the girl in a bid to unravel why her husband had been on the highway when he was supposed to be at work .
The 22-year-old that he had been with revealed that she had been dating the man for the past six months and was from a lunch date with him when their car got into an accident.
She went on to narrate how she was a constant visitor to the man’s house at the time when the wife was on leave.The gesture of the man always picking his wife from work was to make sure that the wife never left work and came home unannounced.
The woman threw a tantrum at the hospital and vowed to kick out the man from her house as soon as he was discharged.

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