Radio Citizen Journalist Waweru Mburu Dies..And This Is What Kenyan Citizens Will Remember Of Him As A Fearless Defender Of Public Interest

Veteran broadcaster and Royal Media Services employee Waweru Mburu is dead.
Mburu passed on Wednesday night at MP Shah Hospital after a long battle with gastric cancer.
The decorated journalist is famed for his popular radio show on Radio Citizen - Yaliyotendeka - a programme he hosted for more than 10 years.
In the programme, the renowned presenter carved a niche for himself as a fearless defender of public interest and a journalist who boldly spoke truth to power.
In a unique tone and pose, Mburu would wittily use proverbs and other African sayings to drive important points - a strategy that worked very well as his show attracted millions of loyal listeners over the years.
Many will fondly remember his trademark introduction

 "Hujambo msikilizaji, na karibu kwa yaliyotendeka.Leo nimekuandalia makala maalum kuhusu siasa za kikabila zinazoendelezwa na wanasiasa wanaonuia kugombea urais katika uchaguzi mkuu ujao.Studio ni Waweru Mburu nikisema karibu usikie ni kwa nini wakenya wanahitaji kujikomboa kutoka kwa utumwa huu wa kisiasa...."

In the last years of his career, Mburu had upgraded his work to television where he was a guest panellist on Citizen TV's political talk show - Cheche.
In the TV show, Mburu did not mince his words and took on almost every prominent politician in the country, just as he had done while on radio.
News of his death was received with sorrow amongst colleagues and other Kenyans of goodwill.

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