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Men are visual creatures with an incredible s3xual urge especially in the morning. Research shows that men experience high sexual urges in the morning than women and low sexual urges in the evening when women are at their high sexual moods.

That said, it has been revealed that a lot of  women don’t actually enjoy the morning lungula commonly known as morning glory.

The idea of them being tossed around in bed early in the morning scares them a lot but they fail to tell their spouses to avoid ruining their relationships and most of all in fear of losing their men to other women.

Well, see the reason why women hate morning glory.

Check the conversation here:
Lisa: I hate morning glory with passion,hata heri ukule hiyo nunu the whole night but nikishalala usikae kunipindua pindua asubuhi kama chapati…Morning glory?for who?

Shyco: Imagine unafanya na yeye unamuacha akipumuzika then u go to prepare his breakfast I hate it just because of that

Bosibori: Nothing!!!!There’s no way I’d rather be woken up….heri hiyo than kuamshwa kutengeneza chai….

Gal: ya asubui no kiss,let him suck the boob’s instead.

One issue that arose from the comments was the fact that most men are not hygienic which makes kissing in the morning a little tricky especially with the bad breath after having slept overnight.

Mellisa: one thing i hate about it is…..the fact that hata hamnanga time ya kubrush meno……yet still they demand for a kiss…..yaaaaack……afterwards uamke uende ukaoshe nunu thats if kama amemwaga ndani……na io baridi ya asubui…….but anyways……i love it somehow….coz i do it with the one i love

Mumbi: Why would anyone let the strong morning hard-on to go to waste

Karey: Napenda but after math ndio noma.. Si uvivu si nini ai.. Naonelea tu heri ikae

Madiba: Kunyanduliwa ma mornings, ebu imagine amecome morning maybe alitravel, ameingia morning umeshavaa nguo anainsist eti anataka, mpaka anafunga bedroom, mboch ndiyo huyo,anakunyandua,unarudi kwa bafu kuoga passport, nakwambia utashinda job kama mtu mgonjwa, by the way, wanawake kazi tunayo,Mungu tu atuonekanie

But not every woman hates the idea of a romp in the morning, some will even cause a tantrum if the man forgets to initiate the intimacy just before they wake up.

Kemuma:You honestly don’t know what you are missing….. Thatmorning glory is the sweetest mimi naweza leta vita nisipopata hio morning glory

Kipsang: Morning glory unaambiwa beb, si uniteremshie please ama ukinyeta anajiteremshia na miguu yake and he’s on it … Then akimaliza anakushow unaringa na vile umeenjoy

Nancy Ndau Martin: Mimi kuamshwa mapema hivyo nilikataa kwani nunu niyakukopa ati mwenyewe anakujia b4 six?eish

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