Hii Cancer Si Itatumaliza Jamani! After Abdiaziz Aden, 20 Year Campus Girl With Terminal Cancer Reveals She Has 2 Weeks To Live. And Her Death Wish Is Just A Simple Jacket (Photos)

While doctors said Abdiaziz Aden had only three months to live, Alice has just two weeks to live. She got her death wish Thursday last week
 We are all too familiar with Abdiaziz Aden, the 23-year-old young man with terminal cancer whose death wish was to travel to Mecca for prayers.
Aden aside, Alice Nankinga brought a comedy show to tears when she revealed she had cancer and that she was just waiting to die anytime.
Alice made an appearance at ‘Comedy Store’, a weekly comedy show in Uganda, after she learnt her icon, Sheebah Karungi, was performing at the show. (Sheebah is a popular singer in Uganda.)
The show’s host, Alex Muhangi, invited Alice on stage to say something to Sheebah whom she admires so much.

“Sheebah I love you so much. I was home moments ago with my sister when I learnt that you are performing here at Diners tonight. I had to come because I have always craved to meet you. I was diagnosed with cancer, and the doctor recently told me I have only two weeks to live. I came here tonight so I can meet you before I die.” Alice Nankinga told Sheebah. [As quoted by CHIMPLYF]

Her words almost brought Sheebah to tears. So did the audience. The laughter that had gripped the comedy show suddenly evaporated as everyone tried to empathize with Alice.Alice revealed she had been diagnosed with cancer (malignant teratoma) and had two tumors in her waist which were causing her extreme pain.

Sheebah, who by then was already shedding tears, asked the 20-year-old Makerere University student what she wanted her to do for her.“I really don’t need much from you apart from singing me ‘Nkwatako’. You could as well leave me with something that belongs to you. Your jacket,” Alice replied.

A tearful Sheeba quickly took her jacket and gave Alice. She also emptied her pockets to take all the money she had and gave Alice. The audience followed suit and showered Alice with money.
Alice Nankinga (left) and Sheebah Karungi (right)

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