From being a house help to now one of Kenya’s richest singers. This is her story

Kenya’s talented female artist Nyota Ndogo is not your ordinary kind of girl. She has seen problems with  her naked eyes, tasted hardships with her tongue and define hustle in a language she understands best.

The Coast-based singer has been in the entertainment industry long before people cared less of celebrities and their music.

This girl has seen it all Nyota Ndogo recently got married to her Danish husband, Henning Nielsen and the two leave in Mombasa.

Well, Nyota Ndogo whose real name is Mwanaisha Abdalla dropped out of school and became a house help due to lack of school fees.

Nyota Ndogo is a mother of two and has single handedly raised her children to this far. She recently shared a photo of herself from back then when she was a nobody.

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