Could this be the reputations of lying to Our parents

Rumors have it that the dad of the son who acted as a Good Samaritan on that night before going home. Only to get information that his son was among the victims he was trying to save from the accident. Dad had called is son  that night to confirm whether he is okay in school on which he lied never knowing  that his dad could find him red handed but on another way round.

The two sisters who both died their mother thought to be a single mother went attending the burial ceremony somewhere and left the beloved daughters at home. Only to get heartbreaking news that her daughters were no more at home but death had found them far away from home.

And the lady who survived had called her mother to send her money for a school trip to Uganda. The mother had performed her duty of concern and wished her nice journey. Not knowing that lies could lead her to nowhere zone. R.I.P comrades. Sometimes we need to spare our parent’s pain and be real to on them.

Here are lovely photos of the couples sharing last moments together embracing and kissing before their tragic death

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