LADIES: 10 Types Of Boyfriends You Should Date Before Meeting Mr. Right

There are a lot of different types of guys every girl dates before meeting the man of her dreams. It is rare to find your soul-mate at a young age, this is why dating was invented.

According to research the average woman will kiss 15 men, enjoy two long-term relationships and have her heartbroken twice before she meets ‘The One’.

That said here’s a list of 10 types of boyfriends each girl has ever had or at-least seen her friends with;

1. The bad boy
This one breaks your heart over and over again but each time he comes back, you say yes and you can’t explain why.
He’s selfish, manipulative and sensitive but makes you feel so special at the same time though deep down you know he’s messing with you.
It’s the massive thrill you get’s from the risk that keeps you hooked.

2. The one that looks like your brother
He’s the only guy that you have ever felt truly understands you and with whom you can completely be yourself with. He’s probably seen you without make-up, without a a weave or fake-eyebrows but problem is everywhere you go everyone asks whether you two are brother and sister.

3. The colleague
You met at the your workplace and cupid shot his arrow. You went on a date seven times a week, and yes, the five lunch breaks you take count. He almost cost you your career and you late realize it wasn’t worth it ending up a hot topic on office gossip.

4. The hair-ball
This one is 99 percent hair, it’s gross and it bother’s you, yes but you are too love struck to care plus he lets you keep your body hair too.

5. The drunk one
His favorite song is ‘Am so Dirunk.’ He was very civilized on first dates but later he doesn’t take you out to fancy dinners because it’s out of his price range, but if you suggest that the two of you hit the bars, he’ll pick up tabs all night. His favorite jeans have a hole in the ass and his sneakers are rotted out but you drink top shelf.

6. The insecure guy


He’s the type of guy who wants to tag along in all your girls night out. He spends most of his time assuming you are probably in the arms of another man and has random panic attacks that you are about to dump and leave him.

7. The douche-bag
This one doesn’t reply your texts on time or call you back. Every time you ask him about it he says he was busy or tells you a cock and bull story. He is ignorant and cocky.

8. The really really old guy who just gets you

Then there’s the ‘sponsor.’ He’s decades older than you but he just get’s you both emotionally and economically, if you know what I mean. He’s got your back each time you feel like you want to dine in the finest hotels in the city. He’s mature different from all the guys your age. He’s accomplished and probably your own father’s age but that doesn’t bother you.

9. The ridiculously gorgeous guy
He’s so hot and handsome that you can’t take your eyes off of him during dates. You ask yourself all the time what did he see in you, and your girlfriends fight for his attention every time he is around. 99 percent of the time you don’t understand what he’s saying and can’t wait till he takes his shirt off on a hot afternoon.

hot guy

10. The rib cracking joke master
He’s funny and smart and not good-looking but you enjoy his company any way!

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